Success Stories

“Abby is the quintessential acupuncturist. She is very well educated in her field but beyond that she has a natural gift for healing others. Her touch is soft and her words are wise. There is no other person that reflects her profession as suitably as Abby.” ~ BK 

“I started working with Abby for acupuncture because my husband and I were trying to get pregnant and my cycle was not regular. Abby created a comfortable environment where I was able to relax but also ask a lot of questions. She spent a lot of time getting to know me, my body, my challenges and my goals. She then created a specific plan to help me become more balanced. After a few months of working with Abby we are expecting our first baby! I’ve continued to work with her during my pregnancy to help avoid nausea and other pregnancy related issues. It has been a great experience, and has helped me be more aware of my body’s needs.” ~ BM

“I was uninformed and apprehensive about acupuncture. Abby has taught me the benefits of regular treatments for a variety of conditions. I am 56 and want to improve my range of motion, stay healthy and reduce stress. Abby has helped in all three. My golf index is at a personal low. It has been over a year since my last cold. And most importantly, the ability to manage stress during my wife’s recent cancer treatment was enhanced through Abby’s sessions.” ~DRT

“Abby has made a difference in my life! I have been treated by her almost weekly for the past few months for arthritis and inflammation issues. For the first time, I really feel like it’s not controlling me. She has taken a proactive approach to my pain and I can tell the difference. She is thorough in her understanding of what my issues are, and always asks about anything else that might be going on that she should address. She is gentle, kind, discreet and I have complete confidence in her acupuncture skills. I have used acupuncture for over 20 years and had 3 practitioners during that time. Abby is the best!” ~ SEH

“My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for nearly two years. After a late first-trimester miscarriage we were devastated to have to try again. A friend suggested acupuncture and I found Abby. We built a team. My fertility doctor, my OB and Abby. Abby told me to give her three months. A week before we were supposed to have an IUI, I was pregnant. I’m holding my two month old in my arms as I write this. I’m forever grateful to Abby.” ~ CG

“My dad was in the hospital for nausea and his back and neck were hurting. I had used Abby for acupuncture and massage for myself before, so I texted her to ask for help. She was beyond lovely, she came over to the hospital and massaged my dad a few times, until they sent him home, terminally ill. He was really struggling with nausea from cancer and overall not feeling good. He looked forward to Abby coming because she was so kind and very effective. Her treatments where the only thing that made him feel better. Her compassion toward him while she came to care for him still brings tears to my eyes. Finally, she did a few treatments to help him transition peacefully. She made the toughest time of my life better by being so helpful and kind and effective in her care for my dad. I cannot recommend her more.”~ N.N

“I sought treatment from Abby for ongoing pain due to arthritis and a prior injury to my toe, wanting to avoid surgery and/or long term pain medication. The effects of her treatment were IMMEDIATE, and I am now almost completely pain free for a month between treatments. I am now able to participate in any sport without pain, which I was not able to do before seeing Abby. The treatments have changed my quality of life for the better and have now expanded to address more issues than I initially sought treatment for. Abby is the best and I wish I would have listened to my two daughters and seen an acupuncturist sooner. I have recommended her to multiple friends and will continue to do so.” ~F.G.

“Before my first treatment with Abby, my body was a mess. Having suffered for many years from a neck injury, I had also developed severe pain that radiated from my back on down my legs, making even walking slowly almost impossible. I was loaded up on muscle relaxants and painkillers. My digestive tract was messed up from all of the drugs as well. My physical therapist had given up on me, suggesting I see a surgeon. After just one acupuncture treatment with Abby, I was able to throw away the prescription drugs and manage my occasional pain issues with Ibuprofen. Over the course of the past year, I’ve been able to resume many of the activities which I love such as gardening, swimming, yoga, walking my dog, and even playing the occasional round of golf. With her help, I’ve also been able to quit taking medication for acid reflux and have been able to reduce my blood pressure medication. As you can imagine, not living with chronic pain has also improved my general outlook on life. I no longer dread traveling by airplane, afraid that my back will spasm. I’m taking on new challenges and have a much more positive outlook on life. In fact, this Spring I finally pursued a long time dream of being a beekeeper. Lifting hive boxes is physically taxing, something which I would not have even attempted a year ago. Now, life and my honey are both oh so sweet!”~ H.K.